Valuation Services

 When are professional valuation services required?

An objective valuation may be required for numerous reasons:
  • You or your business may be contemplating the purchase of all or a partial ownership interest in a business entity, or perhaps you or your business is considering the sale of an ownership interest. An independent valuation is crucial in determining value in such situations and helps avoid a transaction at an unfavorable price.

  • Partnership dissolutions and the implementation of buy/sell agreements can often benefit from an objective valuation. Obtaining a professional evaluation of value mitigates the risk of legal action.

  • A critical step in a careful estate plan is determining the value of a total or partial business ownership interest.

  • Valuation services can often be useful in litigation proceedings that result from a wide variety of legal disputes. These settings include damages to a business due to negligence, patent infringement, breach of contract, an eminent domain conflict, or business interruption. Other common settings include divorce, dissenting shareholder disputes, and lender liability suits.

Why choose Biscayne Consulting Associates?

We offer objective, rigorous, and state-of-the art valuation services to our clients. Many consulting firms offer valuation services, but few are able to match our ability to synthesize standard valuation techniques with cutting-edge, advanced training in economics and finance.

At its core, valuing a business requires converting economic benefits to a one-time value, recognizing the unique risks inherent to the business activity. Disputes with the IRS, for example, are often based on whether a valuation properly reflects a wide array of risk factors. Such disputes often result from a blind application of valuation procedures, as opposed to a well-considered analysis based on economic fundamentals. Appropriately incorporating risk when determining value is squarely in the domain of the finance discipline, and the partners at BCA approach this challenge with doctoral-level training in finance.
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